Disable annoying show-desktop effect on Compiz after uninstalling Macbuntu

Some weeks ago I decided to give Macbuntu a try just to see how OS-X-ey my Ubuntu may look. Turns out it can really look pretty much like a Mac, with all of its fancy animations on every window maximize/minimize event, side-by-side windows display, mouse-sensible corners and everything.

Being the geek that I’m told I am though, I grew tired of all the swishes and fsshhes pretty quickly, so I decided to remove them altogether. Bad news is, you can’t just run uninstall.sh as they tell you to.

  • First of all, I didn’t have any uninstall.sh script on my Macbuntu folder. I didn’t want to download the whole 42MB archive from here, so I googled a little more and found this script on this (Italian) blog.
  • After running the script, Macbuntu was gone but.. so were all my themes!
  • I reinstalled gnome-themes-selected, gnome-themes-ubuntu and light-themes (cause I use Ambiance) packages using Synaptic and restarted X. My themes were back again, but still the show-desktop animation à la Mac OS was enabled, with every open window flailing its way (as in wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-men) towards the bottom-left corner of the screen as soon as my mouse cursor touches it.
  • After some more googling, I discovered that the effect (found in compiz-fusion-plugins-extras) is called “magic lamp”, and can be disabled by going into System/Preferences/CompizConfig Settings Manager/Effects/Animations Plus and removing the entry for Magic Lamp from every event it’s attached to.

Now my beautiful, clean Gnome desktop is back! 🙂

BTW, I use an Emerald theme called “The Empire strikes back” which is really cool. You can find it here.

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