Use Google as Search Engine in Firefox Awesome Bar

The latest version of Firefox (4.0.1) had me coming back to the first browser I loved, after breaking up with it in favor of (in order) Chrome, Chromium and Opera. It’s really sleek, minimalistic and fast (!).

One thing I’ve grown used to is to perform google searches directly from the address bar, and it is something I can no longer bear to live without.

My ISP has its own lame search engine, and everytime I tried to search for something it redirected me to its ugly page filled up with Google Ads (quite a coincidence, right?) and even after following the tuning hints given by Mozilla itself there was no way out of it.

So, I switched to OpenDNS (btw, in the golden times they used to show you their IPs first thing, now with all those blatant marketing stuff you have to resort on wikipedia to get and but now I got redirected to OpenDNS’s own lame search page!

In the end, the only way I found to use Google was to use… Google’s own public DNS servers, located at and (all my data passing through Google is getting scarier year after year, but you know, having several Gmail accounts using BigG as DNS provider isn’t making things worse than they currently are…)

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