16 thoughts on “Opening tabs that have been opened in other computers with Chrome/Chromium

    • Nice extension! I’m updating the post 🙂

      I don’t know how to open tabs from an extension, if that is what you’re asking, I never wrote a Chrome extension, sorry…


  1. You can get to the list of session on other devices by opening a new tab, and then at the bottom clicking on “Other devices”. Just found this out myself 🙂


  2. Sorry – I took the extension down because all it did was add a button that opens “chrome://sessions” which doesn’t work anymore. The way to get to sessions on your other computers is to use the “Other devices” drop down on the New Tab page…


  3. Thanks, some kind of turnaround. Really dissapointed that “Speed Dial 2” hides “other devices” panel. Would it be technically possible to create “other devices” button somewhere? e.g. as an icon near address bar.


  4. Just an update on how to access tabs from another device. If using chrome on a small device (Nexus 5, etc), then opening a new tab allows you to browse tabs from other devices, it’s quite obvious. However when using a PC the link to open other devices has been removed. This is because they have added an option until the hamburger button (three bar button on top right, next to the URL bar) that allows you to open tabs from other devices. When the hamburger button is selected, just select the “Recent Tabs” option. This will let you see all open tabs on other devices where you’ve enabled syncing for google chrome.


    • Post updated, thanks!

      And yeah, “Recent Tabs” is some kind of a “Recently Closed meets Other Devices” option, which serves the most frequent use case, I guess.

      I can see why Google is trying to merge all of the histories from your devices, but I really appreciated the option to see them as separate entities, as I tend to remember which device I was using when browsing a web page.


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