Remove (bogus) recent workspaces from Eclipse Juno in Mac OS

I never used more than one workspace until Android forced me to do so (you can’t configure debug keystores on a project basis, so you really need different workspaces).

I’ve seen two bad things about working with several workspaces thus far:

  1. you lose all your settings when creating a new workspace (Eclipse only asks to copy perspectives from the current workspace, which is something but not enough)
  2. Eclipse kept showing me a bogus workspace that I never created in the File/Switch Workspace menu, plus it didn’t understand when I renamed one, so it started showing that workspace with both names (old and new)

The first issue can be solved by following these steps (which of course I discovered after doing them by hand… silly me).

As for the second, on MacOS go to your Eclipse installation folder (I have it in Applications), then open configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs with a text editor.

The variable you’re looking for is called RECENT_WORKSPACES, where workspaces are listed one for each line (I can actually see the ‘\n’ as line separators). Delete the silly ones, restart Eclipse, done!

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