5 thoughts on “Share links from Chrome on your desktop to your Android devices, or between your Android devices!

    • thanks! 🙂

      I started implementing a google app engine server to support 2-way messages, but then I’ve been busy and left it halfway through.

      Also, if you’re looking for a more feature-rich app that also has 2-way communication you should check out PushBullet. Had I known they were developing it I wouldn’t have come up with mine probably 🙂


  1. For me it says ” Successfully Shared to Android Device” on my PC but how do I get it in my Android PC?? I don’t see any notification in my Mobile 😦


    • does your android tablet/phone have a good network connection? the app uses wifi or 3g depending on what’s available. Sometimes it may take a little while to get the notification.. sorry, try again!


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