How long does it take for the Google Play Store to publish my app in beta?

Your mileage may vary, but it shouldn’t take significantly longer than a couple of hours. If you’re not too unlucky, it should probably take just one hour, both when you’re publishing an app for the first time, and when you’re releasing an update for an existing app.

If it’s taking significantly longer than that (I’m talking more than one day here), you may have been fooled by Google’s peculiar requirements for deployments.

This fooled me twice (so I guess, shame on me).

When you publish an app for the first time, you need to create a Google Group or a Google+ community for testers before the link to your app becomes available. If you try to access the link (even using your own Google account) without being a member of the configured group/community, you’re greeted with a 404 page.

Last time I published an app though, setting an existing Google Group for testers (one that I had configured for a different app) didn’t seem to work. When I created a new Community on Google+, it worked right away. I don’t know if I was just unlucky or if you need a dedicated Google Group for every app, but if you still get a 404 after setting up the Google Group, just try with Google+.

After you’ve become a tester for the app (by visiting your app’s page on the Play Store) it usually takes another hour or so before the APK becomes available for download.

12 thoughts on “How long does it take for the Google Play Store to publish my app in beta?

  1. hi, when you submit app for beta testing it isnt released to Play Store right, so its not being put through the whole approval process and checking, is that why its quicker than releasing the app to the store (from experience it can normally take over 24 hours) whereas beta testing links are processed within a few hours.

    Is this right?


    • Hi!
      From what I’ve read, it looks like even releasing the app to the store doesn’t involve any approval process. I guess they just have more servers that need to be updated, or something like that.

      In my experience, pushing a beta app to production takes between 3 hours to a day, but YMMV.


  2. Several hours is WAY too much for just testing an app – this only slows down the development cycle. Its not like the beta APK will be downloaded by millions of people, so I don’t see why server propagation should be that slow, a single server anywhere in the world to serve the (a few hundred at most) testers will be more than enough


    • yeah, I agree, it’s a long wait for something that doesn’t seem that complicated… It looks like they chose to give it the lowest priority possible, and maybe run synchronizations in batches every half an hour, or something


  3. I m worried about my apps in PlayStore. The google development consoles is informing version 29 is Published, but actually the version available is still version 26. I did the upload of version 29 , about 02 hours ago and it is still not reflecting to playstore. Pls help! tks


  4. I’m seeing very very slow update process too. Just to publish a new alpha version takes way beyond a few hours. I’m well over 12 hours at the moment and testing with two devices, I see updates only on one of them, and even on that one it only updated existing installs, the version visible on Google Play App Store is still the old one so when I deleted the updated app and downloaded from the GPAS again, it was the old version again, and no sign of being able to upgrade manually. Horrible.


    • that sounds really annoying… it’s been a while since I last pushed an update to the Play Store, so I didn’t know. Hope they fix it soon!


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